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Zermatt Keramik holidays update!

Zermatt Keramik holidays update!

Posted on November 17 2021, By: Angela Bieri

Zermatt Keramik holidays update!

Night becomes day

At this time of year, the days are getting shorter and the nights are unfolding their charm in all their glory. Finally, the après-ski season is upon us again and we look forward to an amazing time, as well as cosy get-togethers at movie marathons or dinners with friends and family. It smoothly feels like night is turning into day.

"Night into day" - as the saying goes, is our motto for the coming holidays and also for our new lantern collection "Aro light".

Christmas market in Zermatt: Visit me at this year's Christmas market on 01.12.2021 at the village square in Zermatt and let yourself be touched by the effect of the Aro lights! I will be there for you from 16.00-20.00 and look forward to your visit!

Christmas pottery workshop: If you don't have any ideas yet for the perfect holiday experience, check out our new workshop offer. Pot up a homemade lantern or your own "hot chocolate cup" for the cold winter days together with your family, friends or even your work team! Get the information directly from me at the Christmas Market, or on our website at this link.

"Aro lights" Collection: Here's a quick description: these are pottery lanterns, with custom patterns cut out by hand. The pattern is sketched out freehand when the piece is leather-hard, and then cut out piece by piece with a sharp knife. This step takes about 30-40 minutes with a practiced hand; to work the entire surface! It also requires a lot of patience and controlled movements to avoid mistakes. For those who wonder why "Aro-Licht"? Zermatt Keramik is below the Aroleid restaurant at Furi. The name Aroleid refers to the area between Muttbach and Gornera with the villages of Blatten, Zumsee and Furi, and is derived from an old legend. You can find the stories under this link:


Explanation of terms: Aroleid (Zermatt German, Adler = Aro, abgelegt = leid; er legt = är leid).

My interpretation: For me, eagles are very impressive, elegant and powerful animals that I have rarely been able to admire in real life. For me, the lanterns also symbolize a certain kind of unique elegance and unpredictability, which I also associate very strongly with these birds of prey. In combination with the candlelight and the resulting play of shadows, an ancient and mysterious mood can also be interpreted in them. This is also how I feel when I read the legends and stories about the Aroleid, which is why I call the lanterns "Aro light".

Besides, in my childhood I always had a light game on my bedside table to fall asleep to. And when I then passed into my intense dream world in the shadow play of this light, it always seemed to me as if my night was turning into day.


Christmas lights made by Zermatt Keramik