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Handmade pieces for gastronomy

Handmade pieces for gastronomy

Posted on October 02 2021, By: Angela Bieri

Handmade pieces for gastronomy

Zermatt Keramik produces both individual pieces for private use and series products for the hospitality industry. During the design phase, it is therefore important to work directly with the customer to define the various factors such as clay, glaze, size and thickness of the pieces for their intended use. Once these principles have been determined, the design is complemented with creative elements. This is where we reach the point where our offer differs from others: We offer you the chance to adapt the desired ceramics to your own concept, the charm and menus of your establishment, through the manual skills of our ceramist and our wide spectrum of colours and shapes. Together we will create a unique experience for your visitors, which will be worthwhile in any case!


As far as the handling of the pieces in your establishment is concerned, it is no different from industrially produced ceramics. Zermatt Ceramics works with stoneware clay, which is characterised by its natural durability, rusticity and longevity.

The durability of the pieces depends on the combination with the design elements such as wall thickness and choice of glaze. Our glazes are all tested by the manufacturer, who assures us that they are mechanically and chemically resistant. This means that they can easily be cleaned several times a day in the hard dishwasher and are perfect for eating out of.

On the other hand, of course, the handling in the catering business also influences the survival time of the ceramics, which we at Zermatt Ceramics unfortunately no longer have any influence on. What certainly helps is to build up a certain awareness in the team about the valuable ceramics. If a plate falls on the floor, an edge or a handle breaks off due to a violent impact, we also offer a follow-up service. This includes gluing, grinding or replacing broken pieces so that they can be used again.


Are you interested and would you like to know more? Then contact Angie our ceramist directly to arrange a free consultation. Angie can show you the ceramic possibilities adapted to your idea and imagination.