Clay recycling

Clay recycling

Clay recycling

This week at Zermatt Keramik, we reprocessed the leftover clay from past productions. It is a laborious process, but definitely worth it. A total of 80kg of clay was recycled and is now available again for new projects!

The fascinating thing about clay as a material is that it can be recycled over and over again, as long as it has not been fired! When the clay is dry, it is broken or ground into small pieces and then mixed with lots of water. The clay soaks up to a mud-like mass and after a few days of drying and kneading it, the clay is malleable again.

Of course, it would be easier and more time-saving for our busy ceramist, to buy new clay and dispose of the old one in the rubble. But it is important to us to make use of the material's reprocessing properties and thus to avoid waste as much as possible.

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