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Terms & Conditions

1. Generality

When a customer sends his order, it implies his support to the present general sales terms in its entirety. The article sale contract through Internet is concluded between, ZERMATT KAFFEE RÖSTEREI (in the following: ZERMATT KERAMIK) and the customer. The customer declares his ability to contract with Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei on the basis of the general sales terms included on Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei Internet site (hereinafter referred to as “ our website"). The hereby general sales terms prevail on any other conditions stated in our site. 

2. Delivery

In order to get a rapid and efficient mail order, our articles are usually sent according to the address given, within 1 and 2 working days for Priority Shipping and within 2 and 3 working days for Economy Shipping within Switzerland. A "Fragile" insurance policy is taken out with the Post Office for all shipments. Delivery time for countries in shipping zone Europe 1 (Countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco) is 4-8 working days for Economy Shipping and 2-5 working days for Priority Shipping. Delivery time for countries in shipping zone Europe II (Countries: Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republik, Ireland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary) is 6-12 working days for Economy Shipping and 3-5 working days for Priority Shipping. 

This only applies to products that we can sell in stock. Pre-orders have an individual delivery time of up to 1.5 months, depending on the quantity ordered. Whether the product is sold in stock or has to be produced for you is always stated in the product description. If this is the case, you will be informed by e-mail after placing your order.

If a delayed time is encountered, the customer will be informed, within 48 hrs after his order, of the new scheduled delivery time. In Switzerland, no deliveries are performed Sundays and on national and cantonal public holidays. In case of inaccurate information from the customer, our company cannot be responsible of a delayed or even a cancelled delivery. In case of problems in delivery, due to the Post office, our company shall have no responsibilities.

 3. Price

The prices of the invoiced products are the ones at the date of order. These prices are also written on our sales order acknowledgment. Our prices are established in Swiss Francs. The prices displayed on our website are prices including VAT.

4. Payment Terms and Safety

When the buyer orders an article from our website, all the payments are secured. Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei makes use of payment methods such as bank transfer, PayPal, apple pay, credit cards master card, visa and amex.  

5. Data Protection

The customer gives his consent that the given personal data within the framework of his contract with Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei are to be backed up by Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei. The customer personal data are backed up to help him purchase new articles and make sure transaction goes on. The customer personal data are dealt with confidentiality and safety. By no means will these data be handed over to third parties.

6. Ordering

The contract comes into force as soon as the customer has placed his order which has been validated.

6.1 Ordering - for an individual order

Contact us directly to order your individual products. After an initial discussion, our ceramist will create a sample series - a prototype - within a reasonable time according to your wishes and our possibilities.

The costs for the development process, the material and possible auxiliary materials for the production of the prototypes will only be charged to you if the order is cancelled during the design phase or after the presentation of the prototypes.

If the presentation is successful, we will prepare a quotation for the final production of the piece(s). You will transfer 50% of the total amount within 14 days after the presentation in advance. The other half is paid when the finished order is handed over.

As soon as the client transfers the 50%, we start the production. The sooner the customer pays the deposit, the easier it is for us to avoid delays in delivery. If the customer does not pay the 50% deposit for the production within 14 days, we are obliged according to our terms and conditions to first issue a reminder, and then an invoice for "sample production contract".

These terms and conditions will be accepted and signed by both the client and the Zermatt Ceramics representative in the form of a "Sample Production Contract" at the initial meeting. 
After the presentation of the prototypes, a quotation will be sent to you together with a production contract, on which the discussed details of the final ceramics (colour, clay, size, unit price, possible discounts, production time, collection, shipping) are recorded. Again, this is signed and filed by both parties.

7. Order Acceptance

The order acceptance is carried out after its receipt and checking. By the fact that the purchaser has sent his order, it confirms that he has read and accepted the conditions of sale. In case of exceptional circumstances as for example insolvency or invalid information given, Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei, keeps the option open to cancel or accept the customer order.

8. Invoicing and Confirmation

Each customer receives a confirmation of his order by electronic mail.

9. Return Rights

Only in case of poor condition delivery, Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei is ready to exchange the damaged goods, provided it is mailed back with an official Post report. Otherwise, no returns on any purchases.

10. Ownership and Legal Court

The goods remain Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei property till the total payment is fulfilled. The herewith general sales terms and the concluded agreements are governed by the Swiss regulations. In case of litigation, the court of competent jurisdiction is the Bezirksgericht Visp.


Head office : Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei, Spissstrasse 1, Zermatt 3920, CHE-390.336.674.