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Your gastro solution

Our dishwasher safe, gastro-proof bespoke wholesale option is there for any restaurant or hotel that cares about quality.

Wholesale based on our current production  

1. Customer chooses from our current production.  

2. We will give the customer the price and time estimate.  

3. We proceed with the making work for the customer after the 50% partial invoice is going to be paid.  

4.Work is pick up by costumer at ZERMATT KERAMIK STUDIO & SHOP Hofmattstrasse 7, 3920  Zermatt or we offer Shipping.  

Discount offered  

•If the order is more than 1`000CHF in total, a discount of 10% will be offered. •If the order is more than 2`500CHF in total, a discount of 15% will be offered. •If the order is more than 5`000CHF in total, a discount of 20% will be offered.  

Wholesale according to the design wishes of the customer  

1. As part of the design and manufacturing process of the desired products, Zermatt  Keramik will produce an individual number of prototypes. Beskpoke design criteria such as size, colour, clay, etc are also specified here.  

2. Zermatt Keramik undertakes to produce the prototypes and present them to the customer at the agreed time.

3. On the prototypes showing meeting the amount of each is decided. We inform  the customer of the date the amount can be made within 48h after the meeting.

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