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First time on the potters wheel

''This basic course is suitable for anyone who wants to test their skills on the wheel, for individuals and groups!''

Wheel Throwing

The sessions are divided into two ceramic working steps. In the first session, after a demonstration of the technique, you will shape your own pieces on the wheel. Our ceramist will actively support you in this process. Afterward, the ceramics must dry for at least 24 hours before they can finally be worked on. This means that the second session cannot take place on the same day, but ideally the following day, or in the course of the next five days. In the second session, the pieces are trimmed to achieve the final shape and surfaces are worked on. For example, by painting with a brush, pressing in stamps, carving or additions such as handles or feet. 

What you need to know

This basic course is suitable for anyone who wants to test their skills on the wheel and is available as  an individual or in a group of up to four participants. During the session, you will learn the basic skills of pottery making through your own hands-on time on the wheel.

You can also book a 2nd session to complete your pieces yourself. Please read the explanation of what this means exactly. The aim is to get a feel for the ceramic material, to live out hidden creativity, and to take home a ceramic piece you have made yourself at the end.  

What to wear for the course: Even though we provide you with apron and towel clothes that can get  dirty – this class is hands-on.   

The Workshop is paid in advance with additional Mwst. of 7.7%.   

Residents of Zermatt receive a 10% discount on the offer.  

Price table:

2.5H (price per session per person)

1p. 160 CHF

2p. 280 CHF

3p. 410 CHF

4p. 548 CHF


3H (price per session per person)

1p. 190 CHF

2p. 330 CHF

3p. 487 CHF

4p. 649 CHF

Included in the price is the use of clay, all our available tools as well as firing and glazing by our  ceramist, as well as a soft drink or a coffee. For part of the session, we allow for 10 minutes of active cleaning time of your station and tools.  

Picking up your finished ceramic  

Work is picked up by the customer at ZERMATT KERAMIK Hofmattstrasse 7, 3920 Zermatt after two weeks or we offer shipping.


The booking of the courses is binding! If you have to cancel a booking, this must be done at least 48  hours before the start of the booked course. You will be charged the regular course price per cancelled person.