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Sample Production T&C

By the signature of the customer and the representative of Zermatt Keramik, the following conditions for the production of a sample are accepted and agreed by both parties.

As part of the design and manufacturing process of the desired products, Zermatt Keramik will produce an individual number of prototypes. These are subject to the design wishes of the customer and the possibilities of the ceramic infrastructure of Zermatt Keramik. Design criteria such as size, colour, clay, etc are also specified here.

By signing this contract, Zermatt Keramik undertakes to produce the prototypes in the correct materials and to present them to the customer at the agreed time. The customer also undertakes to meet the agreed deadline. The manufacturing and material costs of the sample production will only be charged to the customer in the following cases. 

  1. If the customer cancels the sample production.
  2. If the customer does not wish to continue the order after the presentation of the prototypes.
  3. Material costs will be invoiced if a new glaze or clay has to be purchased from the supplier for the production, which is not in Zermatt Keramik's warehouse. In this case, the customer will pay the full amount including delivery costs.

Please print, sign and return to escape@zermattkollektiv.ch

Sample Production T&C