Intensiv pottery week


This offer is suitable for anyone who wants to seriously learn the craft of pottery on the wheel and get to know the different working steps with the aim of making their own pottery. Take the time to create your own plate set, your own family of vases or your own tea set.

Intensive week
5 days of 4 houre sessions. 980CHF + 7.7Mwst for the whole 5 days.
The course can be taken by a maximum of two people.
If booked for two people, both pay 1680CHF + 7.7Mwst together.

Residents of Zermatt receive a 10% discount on the offer.

Included in the price for the whole week is the use of 15kg of clay, all our available tools as well as firing and glazing to your color preference by our ceramist (for this you have the full glaze range of Zermatt Ceramics at your disposal), as well as a tea or a coffee per day. Part of the day session we allow for 10 minutes of active cleaning time of your station and tools.

During these 5 days you will learn the basic techniques of pottery on the potter's wheel, and you will apply them directly to your own project. This will be discussed in advance with our ceramist, who will create a suitable program with you to realise your idea. You will also gain an insight into each individual step of the ceramic production process. This intensive course includes practically exclusively the shaping as well as part of the surface design of your pieces. The glazing and firing will be done by our ceramicist, unless this is expressly requested by you to do it by yourself.

Payment and additional costs:
Half of the booked course is paid in advance with additional Mwst. of 7.7%. You will receive an invoice after contacting and planning the week (adapted to your wishes) with our ceramist. After your last session with us, you will receive a second invoice with the balance and any additional costs. Additional costs occur in the following cases:

- If you want to have more clay fired than is included in the workshop (15kg) per person. For each additional lump of clay of 500g we will charge you 22.5CHF plus Mwst. of 7.7%.
- If we have to send your finished ceramics by post. After your final visit to our ceramic studio in Furi, the pieces will be ready for personal collection after two weeks. If this is not possible, we will send the pieces by post with the additional insurance "FRAGILE". So you will be charged the shipping costs of 15CHF-30CH. This depends on the weight of the created pieces. Whether shipping is possible depends on the condition of the ceramics, which is assessed by our ceramist. Furthermore, Zermatt Ceramics accepts no liability for possible delivery of damaged goods by the postal service, despite additional insurance "FRAGILE".

This course is normally always offered from Monday to Friday. Weekend sessions are also available on request. Please contact our ceramist directly to plan your intensive week at keramik@zermattkollektiv.ch or call 079 952 48 58.

We look forward to your questions and a creative time together in our beautiful studio in Furi.