About our Shop

In a small studio on the edge of the Matterhorn works a young ceramist named Angie. She loves the mountains, the colours of the stones, the flora, the waters, the scent of the great outdoors and the sounds associated with it all. Together with Marian, the impressions are reflected and translated into our ceramic designs.

The pieces that end up in this place are meant to reflect exactly these impressions and sensations of the area around the Matterhorn in the hope of letting everyone share in them. Each piece is shaped, fired and glazed by hand, which makes each one unique. Just like the place itself, our pieces should invite you to take a moment, breathe deeply and simply enjoy. 

"From the colourful Mother Nature - to our ceramic studio - and back again into the wide world. From the earth - to the mountain - to the stone - to the clay - to the cup - to the human being."

Escape the ordinary - ceramics is our passion.