Adult Parties & Groups


Adult Pottery Painting Parties

Forget canvas painting and paying for wine by the glass- Plan a fun and creative party with friends painting a pottery piece that you can use every day! We provide you with a semi-private party room with a serving counter for your group of up to 12 painters. No experience needed- we have lots of easy design tools for novice painters and we have many pottery shapes that appeal to both men and women. Adult groups receive 2.5-hours of exclusive use of our party room!


All Adult Parties Include:

  • Choice of pottery to fit a group budget or each person can select and pay individually- it's up to you!

  • A freshly cleaned Party Room that seats up to 12 guests with a serving counter and private paint station for your use. 

  • Unlimited Artistic Assistance - A friendly and helpful Staff Artist will provide group painting instruction and individual guidance for your guests and will be accessible throughout the entire party for artistic assistance. You as the party planner can sit back and relax- we’ve got it!

  • Unlimited Paint from our vast Glaze Station as well as use of design tools such as stencils, stamps, sponges and easy to use technique sheets for awesome results.

  • Tracking of Pottery Pieces – We’ll keep a list of what your guests paint so you don’t have to figure out who painted what.

  • “No Worries” Breakage Waiver- We don’t charge you for the piece if someone accidentally breaks the one they’re painting during the party. We’ll let them paint a new one- we like to keep accidents happy!

  • Glazing and Firing of pottery pieces.

  • Wrapped and Ready Pick Up – We’ll wrap each guests pottery piece in tissue with their name on it and have them bagged up and ready on your scheduled pick up date. You can arrange for guests to pick up their own piece or pick up the entire bag and distribute their pieces- up to you!

  • Did we mention that we do ALL THE CLEAN UP?!? Make a creative mess! Your Staff Artist will collect and wash materials and clean up the party room at the end of your party. Tips for your party staff are greatly appreciated but not required.


Adult Pottery Party Pricing

The Adult Party Fee for a 2.5-hour party is CHF250 plus the cost of the pottery you select for up to 12 guests. This party fee covers all of the above mentioned inclusions for a maximum of 12 painters/people for our party room with the exception of the pottery shapes you and your guests select during the event and tax- you may select and purchase your pottery the day of your event. Due to COVID-19 seating capacity restrictions, we do not have seating (or standing room) inside the studio for non-participants. All party guests are expected to participate and paint pottery. 

Pottery Pricing (CHF17 and up per piece)

Each guest has enough time during the party to paint at least one piece of pottery. There is no limitations to how many pieces you may paint during the party. We carry over 500 pottery pieces on our shelves and so there is something for everyone. Our pottery selection is great and while we have items both higher and lower, pieces often average between CHF17 and CHF100 for the most popular items. Two hour parties can also be booked at the same rate if your group doesn't need the full 2.5-hours, please specify when reserving party space.

Deposit Requirements

A non-refundable deposit of your Party Fee plus tax is required at the time of booking (CHF250 plus tax). At the end of your party, you will just owe the balance due for the pottery you and your guests painted. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and cash.