The Restaurant Aroleid is a part of the greater Aroleid Kollektiv, which is built on the philosophy that all good things in life should be shared.

This philosophy of sharing with you permeates every part of the Kollektiv:


Zermatt Keramik

Zermatt Keramik is the source of the hand thrown stoneware found at Restaurant Aroleid Kollektiv. Dedicated to the modern adaptation of traditional, time-tested throwing methods, our goal is to create vessels of timeless quality and beauty.


Production is based on a seamless dialogue between design and hand-work, driving an ever-evolving assembly of ceramics rich in form, colour and texture.The Keramik studio provides commercially available tableware and serves as an educational centre.


Classes offer you the chance to design, create and fire your own stoneware, allowing you to express your creativity. All items created at Zermatt Keramik are available for sale, to be either picked up on-site or shipped worldwide. We look forward to sharing our passion for good things in life!


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Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei

Zermatt Rösterei’s mission is to offer the finest selection of coffees roasted with precision. Moreover, we share the experience of roasting with those who have a true love for coffee.


In buying our carefully chosen green beans from around the world, bringing them to Zermatt and roasting them at a high altitude, we strive to deliver perfection to your daily brew, day after day.


From the moment it is planted to the time it is served, our coffee beans of choice have gone through the hands of several inspiring individuals that are all remarkable experts within their field. Amongst others, this includes farmers, coffee pickers, traders and importers. We are at the very end of this line, and our job is to roast the coffee. We do this with precision, love, and great attention to detail in order to deliver you, or indeed make with you, the perfect cup of coffee, in the most idyllic of settings.


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